How to Cite Us

If our data is useful for you, please cite the following publication: Fu C-H, Chen Y-W, Hsiao Y-Y, Pan Z-J, Liu Z-J, Huang Y-M, Tsai W-C, Chen H-H: OrchidBase: A Collection of Sequences of the Transcriptome Derived from Orchids. Plant and Cell Physiology 2011, 52(2):238-243.

The OrchidBase is a collection of 37,979,342 sequence reads collected from 11 in-house Phalaenopsis orchid cDNA libraries. Among them, 41,310 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were obtained by using Sanger sequencing, whereas 37,908,032 reads were obtained by using next-generation sequencing (NGS) including both Roche 454 and Solexa Illumina sequencers. These reads were assembled into 8,501 contigs and 76,116 singletons, resulting in 84,617 non-redundant transcribed sequences with an average length of 459 bp.