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TC annotation
Library NameIDQuery NameLength of queryGenBankAccession number(Best hits in the GenBank)AnnotationSpeciesLength of homologous protein(Amino Acid)ScoreExpect valueIdentitiessimilarityFrameKEGG PathwayGOTermGene Network
OrchidUnigene43795Singletons44623029embCBI31221.1 unnamed protein product Vitis vinifera901471 bits (1212)0.0232/374 (62%)281/374 (75%), Gaps = 2/374 (0%) -1Singletons4462
[1 Pathway]
[8 GoTerm]
[interact with..]
OrchidUnigene77645Singletons44620359embCBI34652.1 unnamed protein product Vitis vinifera78082.4 bits (202)1e-1443/79 (54%)53/79 (67%) -1No HitNo HitNo Hit
OrchidUnigene77646Singletons44622359refNP_001042456.1 Os01g0225000 Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)322129 bits (325)8e-2969/121 (57%)84/121 (69%), Gaps = 7/121 (5%) -3No HitNo HitNo Hit
OrchidUnigene77647Singletons44625359 [No hits found]       No HitNo HitNo Hit
OrchidUnigene77648Singletons44626359 [No hits found]       No HitNo HitNo Hit
OrchidUnigene77649Singletons44627359 [No hits found]       No HitNo HitNo Hit
OrchidUnigene77650Singletons44629359gbACS68778.1 Na+/H+ antiporter Sonneratia alba21162.4 bits (150)2e-0834/72 (47%)42/72 (58%) +2No HitNo HitNo Hit