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Genome (In the following table, column 2 (Gene ID) is unique number as identifier for each of predicted genes. Column 3 (Gene Location) shows the location of the gene on the scaffold. Annotation information from column 4 (GenBank) to column 12 (Identity) is obtained from BLAST results.)
Library NameGene IDGene LocationGene ExpressionGenBankAccession number(Best hits in the GenBank)AnnotationSpeciesScoreExpect valueIdentitiesFrameKEGG PathwayGOTermInterproSwissprotTrEMBL
Dendrobium Dca000026 Dca000026 Dca000026 dbj BAK00823.1 predicted protein Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare 7760.070.05%+1 AT1G13195[no pathway] 3 Go Term 6 IPR Term Q6AWW5 M0RRA2