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Genome (In the following table, column 2 (Gene ID) is unique number as identifier for each of predicted genes. Column 3 (Gene Location) shows the location of the gene on the scaffold. Annotation information from column 4 (GenBank) to column 12 (Identity) is obtained from BLAST results.)
Library NameGene IDGene LocationGene ExpressionGenBankAccession number(Best hits in the GenBank)AnnotationSpeciesScoreExpect valueIdentitiesFrameKEGG PathwayGOTermInterproSwissprotTrEMBL
Apostasia Ash004267 Ash004267 Ash004267 dbj BAF36563.1 NAC domain protein Cymbidium hybrid cultivar 4205e-14564.22%-1 AT3G04070[no pathway] 6 Go Term 2 IPR Term O49255 A0JBY8