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Genome (In the following table, column 2 (Gene ID) is unique number as identifier for each of predicted genes. Column 3 (Gene Location) shows the location of the gene on the scaffold. Annotation information from column 4 (GenBank) to column 12 (Identity) is obtained from BLAST results.)
Library NameGene IDGene LocationGene ExpressionGenBankAccession number(Best hits in the GenBank)AnnotationSpeciesScoreExpect valueIdentitiesFrameKEGG PathwayGOTermInterproSwissprotTrEMBL
Apostasia Ash000013 Ash000013 Ash000013 ref XP_006398084.1 hypothetical protein EUTSA_v10001163mg Eutrema salsugineum 1004e-2453.75%-1 AT5G44620[no pathway] 5 Go Term 2 IPR Term P37120 B9DHN4